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Research, Editorial and Digital Imaging Services Provided by

Ron Goodenow, Ph.D. and Associates

Ron After many years of work in universities, corporations, and consulting organizations I, though officially'retired',  am offering highly individualized assistance to customers who require research, editorial and digital imaging services.  As I do this I am teaming up with expert associates and using libraries and resources gathered over many years of work.

Content areas include healthcare information technology -- its markets, trends, cultural and organizational issues, and implementation of long-standing ideas on a comprehensive National Healthcare Initiative (NHI) that combines  classes and seminars with libraries, sales tools development and specialized periodical publications.

My background is a very diverse one. It includes almost twenty years of experience in providing help to leading corporations, including Dell, HP, Compaq, Data General, Sprint, and the Digital Equipment Corporation, and an extensive university background that includes appointments at the University of New Hampshire, the Crummer Graduate School of Business, Clark University, the University of London, Trinity College, Columbia University and the State University of New York at Buffalo. As a consultant I helped the Florida Hospital System, University of Nebraska Medical Center and other healthcare programs understand the potential for using new communications technologies to improve services to the communities they serve.  Until recently I was an active participant in Avnet's HealthPath University program, providing monthly publications, a major on-line healthcare IT resource library, and the background research for 25 major training program sponsored in part by IBM, HP, Oracle, Sun, EMC and other leading vendors.

My imaging services include digital photography, scanning, and the preparation of electronic marketing materials which include my images. Of late I have been assisting real estate, manufacturing,  and construction companies and providing imaging and photographic services to a local historical society and the Rotary Club to which I belong. I've been involved in photography since the seventh grade and am now doing it increasingly.

Amtrak Other projects include photographing railways -- and publishing the results on several web sites and in historical and other publications -- as well as working with associations to save and promote intercity rail, and protecting a beautiful New England pond from over-development.

I am an active Rotarian, having served as a club president, builder and editor of numerous websites and newsletters, and photographer of many events. As a photographer and historian I have documented the history of passenger railroading in several parts of the world.




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